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My game reviews mix my motoring journalism day job with a passion for videogames and racing games in particular. It's were I hope to pass on a little of my motoring insight and bring a little reality to the world of virtual racing.

This all started for me from a young age. By the time I was 5 years old, I owned two things that played a huge part in making me the person I am today. A red pedal go-kart and a ZX Spectrum.

Motoring and video-games have been a huge part of my life. My first memory of any driving game was an F1 title on the Spectrum that included instructions for steering wheel controls that utilised a biscuit tin-lid pressed into the keyboard. By the age of seven I was leaning over the wing of my father’s MG sports car, spanner in hand, keen to help ‘fix’ things.

My interest in games continued, and as each generation has developed I have owned a wide range of consoles from Mega Drive to Dreamcast, PlayStation to Xbox 360, I've played all sorts of racing games, good and bad.

Sega Rally on the Saturn still ranks as my favourite all time racing game and had a profound affect on my teenage brain, cultivating an interest in rallying and Motorsport in general. Later, games like the original Gran Turismo and its sequels exposed me to a wider range of cars and further kindled my love for motoring.

Passing my test and buying my first of 18 Minis, driving became a massive focus of my life and the Mini taught me the basics of mechanics as well as educating me on the finer points of handling-no other car has had the effect on me like the mighty Mini.

I became a motoring journalist and photographer 2008, covering classic and modern metal, combining my passion for motoring with that of the written word. Having been fortunate enough to drive cars as diverse as the Audi R8 through to a full blown Ghostbusters Ecto 1 replica I hope to offer a unique insight to how the virtual driving world compares to the real world, internal combustion variety.

Read my reviews.

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