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Soulful gaming is found in a myriad of places. Games that tell a meaningful story with believable characters. Games that tackle issues larger than the latest run and gun technology. And for me in particular, games that connect me to an inspiring story often quietly overlooked by other players.

Growing older means I want more than just a visual experience from a game. Sure, I enjoy a mindless shooter or arcade racer as much as the next man. But sitting down to play something around a meaningful drama with life engageing themes is the real stuff that gives me chills.

I love it when games deal with the mundane and the wonder of day to day life. Space on my shelves is reserved for those hidden gems from indie developers or popular releases elsewhere missunderstood or overlooked. From the confusing moral attitude of Call of Duty 4 to the sweeping operatic rubric of Metal Gear Solid.

In my soulful gamer reviews I'll examine what games have to offer in a down to earth way. I'll talk about how these games inspire me. What meaning I draw from them. And what the developers hoped to achieve their design or story.

So, come in, sit down and join me as I discuss all this here and on the blog, and even on twitter and Facebook. I'm looking forward to hearing what you make of my soulful ruminations.

Here are my game reviews.

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