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Being scared is something we can all relate to. Personally I find fear fascinating, and in a perverse way enjoyable. Feeling my heart rate increase and the rush of adrenaline is thrilling to me, as is prickly sensation that washes over me after finally finding my way to safety. I love games that scare me.

Studying psychology at university, my favourite subject was fear. It revealed some possible answers to the strange fears people find themselves griped by. Some may think its silly, for example, to be scared of spiders or snakes, but all babies fear them and while many individuals grow out of this others do not.

Personally I am not easily scared by everyday things. I have no real phobias apart from jellyfish, and I find them relatively easy to avoid. But when asked to suspend my disbelief, I find that I am able to find myself scared by any number of fantastical situation that I am thrown in to.

Heights usually offer me little pause for concern in every day terms. I can look over the edge of buildings despite the slight lurching feeling that accompanies it. In a game however the situations I find myself in are often far more extreme. I may have to launch myself from rooftops or leap toward impossibly small platforms in feats I would realistically have no hope of achieving. I am happy to embrace these situations, and live them, but from the safety of my couch.

In many ways fear even leads me to where I am now in my life. I moved to Japan for a love of horror movies. I then started thinking I should return to the UK when I had to eat jellyfish at a party to be polite (it did not help my phobia). Then lacking a portfolio of applicable skills for the career when I returned home I began writing a gaming blog for fear of unemployment.

Maybe I am scared of things after all, but not things that produce cold sweats of the media I consume. Instead its the responsibilities of life that keep me awake at night. Perhaps that is why I enjoy games and movies I do, because at least they contain fears I have some control over.

Here are my game reviews.

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