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Video game soundtracks are often overlooked and frequently missunderstood. For me though, they are as much a part of my gaming experience as the games themsevles.

Before Wipeout on the original PlayStation, the idea of having real music in a video game was a novelty. Now though, game sound tracks are becoming as important as their movie equivalents.

Growing up we always had music and instruments around, so it seems natural to write about these things. Iím fascinated to see how video games make use of their musical assets. Music in films is often quite a cynically used - and often included to bolster sales of the Soundtrack CD - whereas games still have an innocence about their use of quality music.

As more and more big games have their soundtracks released as albums, I'll bring you reviews of the best of these. Along side my listening highlights we'll also be reviewing the industry figures in this burgeoning discipline.

Here are my game reviews.

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