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Dress-up is the door to a world of make believe and theatre. I review games that let me escape my world and take on a myriad of roles. I love games that emphasise my character and the choices I can make - whether I am merely outfitting them for the fight or choosing which of my crew to save.

I have been playing games since my first game of Space Invaders and have always wondered about the character behind that gunship. My fascination grew throughout the 8-bit era where for the first time developers were actively seeking to provide you with a character and a back story.

Today most video games provide scope to act-out a role within their world that is as complex and engaging as any film or book. I like to explore not only the choices I can make within these stories but also enjoy dressing myself up to enter worlds as someone else - making decisions that I would never make in my safe real world life.

These interactions become even more interesting to me in multiplayer and cooperative experiences. You soon learn who is driven by shooting the bad guys and who is compelled to collect the next shiny object.

My reviews explore who I am and how the experiences presented within games affect me and my decision making. Even a game as simple as a kart racer allow me to take on an alter ego. Whether the game focuses on character customisation or narrative driven choice there is always something to take from the experience.

Here are my game reviews.

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