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Rupert's Favourites

Mar 2011

Carisma GT14 In the Wet

Jan 2011

Carisma GT14 LED Light System
Carisma GT14 Mk2 Brushless Setup
Carisma GT14 Tinkering

Dec 2010

GT14 Mark 2 Carisma

Nov 2010

Carisma GT14 Servo Twitch
Carisma GT14 Slipper Adjustment
Carisma GT14 Differential Change
Carisma GT14 Club Expands

Oct 2010

Carisma GT14 MK2 MK1 Comparison
Custom R/C Carisma Paint Job

Sep 2010

Hunting R/C Carisma Parts on EBay

Jun 2010

Learning Our Carisma 1/14 R/C

May 2010

Carisma 1/14 R/C Outside
Carisma 1/14 R/C Spares

Apr 2010

Maverick Atom XB 1/18 HPI
R/C Club James' Story

Mar 2010

R/C Club Simon's Story
R/C Club Running Repairs
R/C Club First Meeting
R/C Kids Games

Feb 2010

Sprint 2 Flux HPI
Ugly R/C Envy
Grasshopper Review Tamiya

Jan 2010

Growing up the R/C Way
GT14 1/14th R/C Car Carisma
Snow vs R/C Allcomers
Learning to R/C with Kids
Gran Turismo R/C E10 Ford GT LM HPI
Carisma 1/14 Mercedes vs 6yr Old
Strobist Car Photography

Dec 2009

Sand Viper Tamiya
Keen Hawk Tamiya
Stinger EB-1 Step Up

Dec 2007

Guide to R/C Motors
Guide to Building R/C Cars
Guide to Buying an R/C Cars
Guide to R/C Speed Controllers
Guide to Upgrading R/C Cars

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