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hello. I'm reallyquitetired -- recently described by Depressive Monthly magazine, in a probing centre-page feature, as 'Academic, DJ, blogger (with a penchant for odd humour, non-standard uses of language, frank reviews, utilizing fallacious quotations and recommending music to wash to) and Major Depressive Disorder sufferer extraordinaire.'

i like (among others) tv and films, food and music, philosophy and comedy and gaming and i regularly engage such things. from time to time, i also think, write and teach people about ecological hermeneutics, epistemic locatedness and the philosophy of interpretation. i also suffer from clinical depression.

Tired Gamer is both an extension lead of my propensity to critically engage any and every aspect of my life with (often too many) words, and a joystick flavoured reaction to the way in which my illness tends to manifest itself in persistent tiredness and fatigue.

i live with the paradox that i firmly believe that small and large scale human flourishing requires the disciplines of proper attention and widespread critical reflection, but also often find myself drifting off. video games are a properly significant cultural medium, and as ever further sophisticated technology opens up a more immersive and physically and emotionally demanding engagement, the ways in which we reflect on our experiences with them must deepen.

Game People effectively realises the fact that thinking about and reflecting on games properly must mean more than just a graphics 8/10, gameplay 7/10, sexual politics 2/10, overall 9/10 approach. the gamer is properly and always the horizon of interpretation -- in other words, my Mario is different to yours (mine, for example, has bad BO, because i knew a fat plumber as a child who stank). and if that makes sense to you, then fine, be like that.

i'm very excited to be bringing my peculiar insights and perspectives to the flickering pages of Game People, and I hope this might be the start of a beautiful friendship (or perhaps just the precursor to a highly lucrative and outrageously attractive cult slash pyramid scheme).

Here are my game reviews.

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