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I have grown up with games consoles in my house constantly.

In fact the night I was born my mum says she played on the Sega Megadrive to distract herself from labour pains! My mum is a big Nintendo fan while my dad likes the Playstation. As soon as I was old enough to join in I did. My favourite games as a child were dance mat games, and I liked platform games too, as well as games like Animal Crossing and the Petz series.

I'm in my early teens now, and these days I play mostly on my DS, because it's portable. This means I can sneak up to bed with it and play late at night after I'm meant to be asleep, but don't tell my parents! I play a lot of platforms such as Mario, Princess Peach, but I also like role-play games like the Sims. I'm pretty good at most things on the Wii, especially Warioware mini games and Mario party mini games! I still love rhythm and music games like the bongo drums for Gamecube, Singstar on the playstation, and Guitar Hero, but I mainly play these with friends rather than on my own.

I'm looking forward to writing a bit more about my favourite games so that people can read about them from a younger person's perspective.

Here are my game reviews.

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