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PJ Masks NEW! Turbo Blast and Hero Boost Toys (Disney Junior)

We had a whole load of new PJ Masks toys, from the PJ Masks Disney Junior show, sent to review. But Catboy Ollie pestered too much for Christmas so we set up a fake Christmas PJ Masks toy surprise. We fooled him it was Christmas day, with some amazing PJ Masks toys:

– Turbo Blast Racers – Cat-Car
– Turbo Blast Racers – Owl Glider
– Turbo Blast Racers – Gekko Mobile

– Die Cast Track Set Jump

– Hero Boost Gekko Set
– Hero Boost Owlette Set
– Hero Boost Cat-BoySet

– Hero Boost Cat Car
– Hero Boost Gekko Mobile

The toys were provided by Just Play. We really enjoyed how the Hero Boost figures have new metal masks and special powers. We also lover the new vehicles like the Turbo Blast Cat Car and the Hero Boost Gekko Mobile.

Finally we had the Gekko, Owlette and Cat Boy Amulets that light up with sounds and bright flashing beacons for the other PJ Masks.

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MeccaSpider Xbox Thief — But Gets Trapped with Nintendo Switch Bate

The MeccaSpider lands in the garden and sneaks into the house while Ollie is playing Robolox Total War on the Xbox. MeccaSpider steals and hides the Xbox controller.

Ollie manages to set a trap for the MeccaSpider using a basket and a Nintendo Switch controller. Finally the MeccaSpider gets it’s just deserts and Ollie gets the Xbox controller back.

“Completely unique, this 18” x 16” x 7.5” hi-tech spider is made from space-age materials and is controlled via its buttons or with the free app. Draw on concepts used in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math to successfully build it. Then, program the MeccaSpider to customize its behaviour. ”

“It also comes with built-in games to keep you and your friends entertained. Play a round of spider-roulette and see who gets sprayed first! ”

Video supported by Spin Master including access to the MeccaSpider toys.

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PJ Masks iPad Transform into Gekko, Owlette, Catboy (Disney Junior)

Disney Junior show PJ Masks Episodes just released a big new version 2 of the PJ Masks iPad games that has new challenges:

– Owlette Wings
– Gekko Tug of War
– Catboy City Hunt

It also has new Filters and Masks that transform you into PJ Masks Owlette, Gekko and Catboy.

It’s all in the new Version of the PJ Masks Time to be a Hero game. Like the Moonlight Heroes and the Super City Run games this is a great one to play at home or out and about.

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PJ Masks (Disney Junior) NEW! Games – Owlette City Soaring, Catboy Super Sorting

A new PJ Masks educational game to learn colors, numbers, counting, order, sorting, school skills, pre-school skills, kindergarten. The Disney Junior show PJ Masks is in this episode where we look at a PJ Masks iPad style game for the LeapPad Ultimate.

It’s a great PJ Masks game because it teaches things and it has all the PJ Masks characters. Owlette, Catboy, Gekko, Romeo, Lunar Girl, Night Ninja.

– Catboys Street Run
– Gekko’s Wall Crawl
– Owlette’s City Soaring
– Owlette and the Mini-bots
– See and Stop with Owlette
– Gekko and the Super Sized Books
– Super Sorting with Catboy
– The Picture Player

Type: Learning Game
Curriculum: Numbers
Works With: LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition, LeapPad Ultimate, LeapFrog Epic, LeapPad Platinum, LeapPad Ultra, LeapPad3, LeapPad2

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PJ Masks Magic Talking Book – Foil Romeo’s Robot Plan!

New PJ Masks Tablet game. But this isn’t a PJ Masks iPad Game, it’s for the LeapStart / LeapFrog Tablet (not iPhone, iPad or iOS or Android). This Disney Junior PJ Masks Episodes we look at a new PJ Masks Game. It’s the PJ Masks Toy from LeapFrog that’s a LeapStart system and the Moonlight Heroes PJ Masks Maths, Counting and Colors teacher.
The book offers loads of new PJ Masks stories, PJ Masks games, PJ Masks surprises. It works on the page but you hear the sounds In Real Life IRL.
Best of all you only need a couple of batteries to get going. We had a lot of fun with the LeapStart PJ Masks game.