Girls Make Games With Dreams on PS4

PlayStation supported this video of our visit to Media Molecule to film the Girls Make Games event. We spent the day with the group making a game with Dreams for the first time.

“They are making a game, inside a game at a game studio. It doesn’t get more perfect than this. What they were able to make in Dreams looks complex but the simple process really lowers the barrier to entry of making a polished game.” Laila Shabir – Girls Make Games

“That feeling of confidence they get of creating their own game is something you carry forward into life.” Laila Shabir – Girls Make Games

“I watch a lot of coding videos on YouTube and they are always men doing it. I never see any girls. So this has been great to see other girls who are interested in things like this.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“It’s easy to pick up once you’ve mastered the basic controls.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“You get to let your creativity burst and be yourself and create whatever you want.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“A lot of people think that making games is a boy thing. But it’s better for girls and boys to come together because it’s more creative.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“It was a little bit challenging, but when you got into it, it was easier. I might think about this as a job because it’s really been fun.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“It was tricky, but it was also easy. You could make it up on your own. I loved understanding how you make games. After playing Dreams I’d love to work in the industry.” Girls Make Games Participant.

“Video games are the medium of our time and it needs new voices. I’d love to see game making being something parents encourage as much as learning guitar or learning a language. We love the idea of families making stuff together. It is for the next generation of game designers, architects, fashion designers. But mostly, it’s for the next ‘question mark’. It’s these young people who are going to take us to the future and I don’t know what they are going to do but they are birthing it now.” Sibahn Reddy Media Molecule

PJ Masks Night Ninja Steals Mystery Mountain Hideout

Mystery Mountain PJ Masks toy for Series 3 of the Disney Junior PJ Masks Episodes. Night Ninja tries to take over the Mystery Mountain but Catboy is on the case and stops him.

We check out the new Mystery Mountain figures for Catboy and Anyu. And the Power of Mystery Mountain collectible figure set, and the Catboy Quad, Owlette Quad and Gekko Quad. We also revisit the Seeker HQ.

PJ Masks Locked In Transforming Toy Room

In this PJ Masks episodes we have a look at the New PJ Masks Toys for Toy Fair. Owlette whistles to get Catboy and Gekko’s attention but then sneaks into the PJ Masks toy room on her own.

We have a chance to check out the PJ Masks Transforming toys and the new PJ Masks Seeker Truck.

Family challenge on Sega classic games

We worked with Amazon to test out the Sega Classics game on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.
More information:

Full list of games:
Sonic The Hedgehog – Remastered – Blaze by in a blur using the Super Sonic Spin Attack. Loop the loop by defying gravity and even spin around in a 360° rotating maze.
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Remastered – Sonic’s back and better than ever with his new fabulous friend Miles “Tails” Prower!
Sonic CD – Remastered – Hard action, stunning graphics, and mean music make this Sonic’s toughest challenge ever!
Sonic Spinball – Sonic spins into pinball pandemonium! Strap on your Power Sneakers for all new Sonic moves!
The Revenge of Shinobi – You are Musashi, master ninja. Now you must destroy the vicious army of Neo Zeed!
Streets of Rage – The city’s a war zone, and ex-cops Axel, Adam, and Blaze are going out two at a time to give the gangs a kick in the guts.
Streets of Rage 2 – Skull-crushing ex-wrestler Max Thunder and new thrasher Skate join original rumblers Axel and Blaze to take on the streets!
Streets of Rage 3 – Fight your way through eight white-knuckle levels to decide the final outcome with new characters, new moves, and a new challenge!
Altered Beast – Infiltrate the Underworld with the power to transform into mythical creatures with supernatural strength.
Golden Axe – Battle invaders on the back of a giant turtle. Fight on the feathered wings of a soaring eagle. Conquer and ride flame-spewing monsters to victory!
Golden Axe II – Kick, hack, and hurl away enemies in the struggle to recapture that legendary symbol of peace, the Golden Axe.
Golden Axe III – Chaos is spreading across the land once again as the Prince of Darkness arises to conquer the world.
Comix Zone – Play as Sketch Turner, a street-wise comic book artist who gets trapped in the comic book world of his own creation.
Ristar – Ristar is his solar system’s last hope to restore peace to seven once happy worlds and free his father from evil space pirate Greedy!
Beyond Oasis – Ali must unleash the powers of four Wild Spirits to stop the resurrection of a ruthless sorcerer and save the empire!
Decap Attack – You’re Chuck D. Head, and you’re beheaded for a bone-chilling adventure against all manner of ghouls, goblins, and creepy creations!
ESWAT: City Under Siege – Be the ultimate crimebuster as you work your way up to become an awesome supercop – more machine than man!
Gunstar Heroes – The peaceful planet of Gunstar 9 has been invaded, but two brothers vow to destroy the evil power that threatens it.
Dynamite Headdy – Hot-headed Headdy gets into some real head-banging to thwart the Dark Demon’s devious deeds.
Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Unite four beans of the same colour so they can stick together and escape the evil Dr. Robotnik’s grasp!
Columns – Tinker with your riches to align glittering jewels across, down, or diagonally.
Bio-Hazard Battle – Command Plasma Rings, Implosion Pods, and Seeker Lasers to blast mutoids into oblivion!
Alien Storm – Shape-changing aliens have taken over your city. Fry the slimy horrors and smash their bid for global conquest!
Bonanza Bros. – Mike and Spike Bonanza, burglars for hire, will stop any wiseguys making your life miserable.
Gain Ground – It’s up to three brave fighters to rescue hostages and destroy the central computer of a system gone haywire.

Amazon sponsored this editorial independent video including providing access to the game and the hardware.