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Games provide me with a diverse range of miniature worlds to explore. I'm fascinated by the myriad of ways these microcosms recreate elements of reality. Even the most fantastical or abstract games stem from real world concepts when studied under the scope. Far from being mindless escapism, playing games prompts me to reflect on the concepts presented and how they inform my outlook.

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Dark Souls has plenty of dramatic challenges to test adventurers, but it also has a more contemplative side. From its murky, disease-ridden depths to its radiant halls, the hidden corners of the microcosm reveal a rich, many-layered story to those willing to seek it out. The world is decaying -- full of overgrown ruins and abandoned buildings -- but it remains compelling and vivid... read now

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My Secret Hideout on iPad is more playful than game-like. It's a simple creative toy without any particular goals or rules. Arrange the leaves and it generates a description of your secret hideout... read now

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Red Dead Redemption isn't just about guns and horses. While John Wayne might turn in his grave, for me I found a microcosm of the world of employment... read now

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You know Mass Effect 2 is a great game. But for me it became a microcosm of my school playground -- where sides, absences and heroes were the most intense and important they have ever been in my life... read now

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From Dust offered not only a god-powered microcosm, but one that echoed an unknown world of nurture and parenting... read now

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Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll is a solid blend of hack-n-slash and role-playing, but lacks vibrancy. It's a promising fairy tale which spreads its minimal story far too thin... read now

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Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective DS is a flamboyant mystery adventure. Although quite simple to traverse, its charismatic characters and unique concepts are engaging and memorable, raising microcosms of fate and responsibility... read now

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Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter DS blends serious and friendly elements in unexpected ways. Difficult and convoluted themes deepen the microcosm, but risk making it inaccessible... read now

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Donkey Kong Country Returns was difficult to connect with directly, but I enjoyed playing tourist in someone else's fondly-remembered microcosm... read now

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