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Welcome to my buyer's guide video game reviews. As well as giving you the low down on the best Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, DS lite and PSP game I also offer well research alternatives that are Similar, Easier and Harder than the one we are reviewing.

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Peppa Pig: The Game on the Nintendo Wii brings one of the most popular children's cartoons to the home console and is full of exciting minigames and activities. Playing as either Peppa or George, kids will instantly feel at ease with the simple Wii controls and the mixture of fun minigames means that there's an activity for everyone - even the parents! The easy gameplay and integration with Peppa Pig DS opens up a world of entertainment and education that's snortingly good fun for kids of all ages... read now

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The best 3DS deal for you isn't always the cheapest 3DS price. You need to consider all the angles to come away with a purchase that is really suites your needs... read now

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James Cameron's Avatar on 360 and PS3 finally delivers the goods after ten years in the making. Taking to the battleground Pandora, and choosing your own side is a pulse inducing experience. 60 customisable weapons and 40 skills spread across the two races, add a touch of Role Play Game into this adventure. Cameron's imagination has finally met it's complement in the latest CGI technology and the result is as surprisingly good as the film... read now

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Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders DS confidently turns literature into puzzles without loosing the sense of intrigue. A gently unravelling tale coerces players through each challenge with great finesse... read now

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Mario Galaxy 2 is the sequel to easily the best Wii platform game to date. Mario Galaxy took the basic platforming 3D premise from Mario 64 and created hundreds of spherical worlds to explore. The same premise returns in Mario Galaxy 2 but with the triumphal return of Yoshi - Mario's friend-steed. This looks to be a Nintendo Wii game for both the hardcore and casual players... read now

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In Box DLC is all about the publishers of videogames trying to encourage you, the customer, to buy new games rather than renting or buying second-hand copies. Games such as Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 have both released with codes inside the box to redeem and download additional content... read now

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As the era of the Cowboy draws to a close, Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 and PS3 promises to put you in the spurs of former outlaw John Marston. You'll traverse the American Frontier and experience intense shoot-outs, train robberies and bounty hunting exploits that bring the Old West to the modern consoles like never before. With a gorgeous open-world environment and stunning detail, this is one Western that's good, bad and ugly in all the right ways... read now

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There's no greater cynic when it comes to motion controls than me. Though I admire the way the Wii has brought gaming to a completely new demographic of gamers thanks to its accessible Wii remote and Nunchuk, I still find the practical usage of such a system flawed for the enthusiast gamer more interested in the Xbox 360 and PS3. Both of these popular systems will have their own brand of motion controls come the autumn so lets take a look at both of them and what it means for the future of gaming... read now

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Recently some games have included codes to download or unlock additional content within the game. This day-one DLC isn't an accident, it's an attempt to encourage us to buy new rather than rent or buy pre-owned. But with this content usually offering only cursory additions it's so far unlikely to make a big difference in our purchasing decisions... read now

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Even though the number of platform-specific exclusives was on the low side in 2009 for the Xbox 360, it certainly didn't disappoint in terms of quality. Check out the three listed below for some modern classics that are still worth renting or buying today. Not least because they are now great quality cheap 360 games... read now

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