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The DS has been responsible for more people playing games worldwide than any other console. It's clamshall design and touch screen input have made it a hit with gamers of all ages. From the original DS phat, to the DS lite to the DSi it has been improved each step of the way.

You will find all this and more in our DS Game coverage. Read more about the DS hardware or browse the list of our DS reviews and guides written by our various reviewers:

Rebelstar Tactical Command is a gripping tactical experience. It joins Advance Wars as a great turn-based strategy on the Gameboy Advance, and easily stands shoulder-to-shoulder with modern titles... read now

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Nintendo's follow up to the massively successful WarioWare: Mega Microgames on Gameboy Advance introduced another of their growing interests: motion controls. WarioWare: Twisted combines the riddle based mini-games, wonderful left/right motion controls and vibration feedback to deliver an experience that genuinely builds on their previous successes... read now

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After the success of the original Super Mario Brothers on the NES, expectation for a follow up was understandably high. It is something of a surprise then that Super Mario Brothers 2 was not originally a Mario game at all, rather it was a game that had Mario characters ported into it late in development. Accordingly it feature gameplay that strayed from the previous Mario formula... read now

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Keen to capitalise on the success of Super Mario Advance 2 (Super Mario World) GBA, and now towards the end of the life of the SNES, Nintendo released Yoshi's Island. This was later brought to the GBA as Super Mario Advance 3... read now

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After the tangential Super Mario Brothers 2, Super Mario Brothers 3 is a welcome return to the formula of the original Super Mario Brothers game. The game received widespread critical acclaim, and went on to become the biggest selling game not packaged with a console... read now

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Super Mario World was first released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in the late 80's as the spiritual successor to Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) some five years previous. Although the intervening years had seen Super Mario Brothers 2 and 3 released on the NES, Super Mario World was the first Mario game to return to the long-level and exploration format of the original game... read now

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Towards the end of the life of the Gameboy Advance Intelligent Systems released WarioWare: Mega Microgames and it was nothing short of a revelation. Wario was an existing and popular Nintendo character - something like Mario's heavier evil twin. Although the game had shades of Mario Party's varied quick fire rounds, WarioWare was unlike anything previously released and single handedly breathed new life into the mini game genre with its imaginative, time limited, quick fire wacky games... read now

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