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I am a freelance cartoonist for Viz, Private Eye, Prospect and The Sun to name a few. My parents tell me I've drawing since I could hold a pencil. Playing videogames came just a few years after that.

I was eight years old at a family party in a smoky dockers bar when I first saw Asteroids. Quite possibly the most awesome thing I had seen in my life. With state of the art vector graphics and incredible sound, I knew Buckaroo and Horror Top Trumps no longer stood a chance. I rapidly exhausted my parents' 10p supply (I was terrible at it), but when I got home I drew huge, elaborate space battles as this was the next best thing.

Fast forward another 8 years and I'm playing Double Dragon with my brothers at the local fair. Surely games couldn't get any better than this? Flying kicks? Hitting people with baseball bats? My God - when Abobo came crashing through that wall, I don't think I'd jumped that much since the head fell out of the boat in Jaws. Needless to say, the pictures I drew after that involved martial arts and huge men throwing barrels at each other.

I still love playing games, but now it's with my wife and kids. And I now feel inspired to draw after seeing some insane ultra-combo on Streetfighter, or the sheer gorgeousness of the artistry in Arkham City.

And I'll keep on going as long as there is lead in my pencil and my thumbs still work.

Here are my game reviews.

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