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01/02/2012 Artistic Scripted Gamer Podcast
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Spy Party 360

Spy Party



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Bob and Fred play cat and mouse with Spy Party the up and coming indie game from Chris Hecker.

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Scene: Bob and Fred are sat on a sofa with two Xbox 360 controllers.

Fred: They call me Bond, Fred Bond. And I have a mission to carry out

Bob: They call me Bob.....just Bob, and I have a sniper rifle and it's pointed at your head Mr Bond

Fred: Welcome to a special edition of scripted gamer.

Bob: At your head Mr Bond

Fred: Yeah yeah of course you do, today we're at the GameCity 5 conference in Nottingham

Bob: Head....Bond...

Fred: Where we are having the first hands on play of Spy Party, a concept game by veteran developer Chris Hecker.

Bob: And where I have a sniper pointed at...

Fred: Look Bob you do not have a sniper pointed at my head I'm far too good a spy for that.

Bob: We shall see. Oh yes we shall. You see the game right works like this. One of you is the spy.

Fred: And the other is a sniper. The spy is at a party with about 10 other guests.

Bob: Whilst the sniper is outside watching the party cos he never got an invite to the party, cos he never gets invited to partys anymore

Fred: Bob that was one time, and it was a family event, I'm sorry.

Bob: Well sorry just doesn't cut it so I'm gonna have to shoot you in the head!

Fred: You wish.

Fred: The devilishly handsome spy could be anyone at the party the sniper doesn't know and you get to choose which of the 10 avatars is the spy.

Bob: But the spy has some objectives to fulfil and a time limit in which to do them so if you're very observant you may see the spy do one of these things.

Fred: Objectives include planting a bug on an ambassador, planting some micro film.

Bob: Stealing and swapping a statue or making contact with a double agent.

Fred: So if you're the spy you need to act like all the other avatars but also try and complete your objectives.

Bob: Where, as if you're the awesome super cool sniper you have to figure out which one of the guests is the spy.

Fred: The spy can also see where the snipers aim is at in the form of a laser sight! The game itself is played on two TV's.

Bob: Just so you know I definitely have a sniper pointed at your head.

Fred: So neither player can see the others screen.

Bob: In other words...it's pretty awesome!

Fred: It reminds me of an intelligent version of Spy vs Spy...

Bob: With my little eye something beginning with S. A. Y. H.

Fred: Sniper At Your Head...very clever and very wrong.

Bob: How did you...

Fred: Cos you're an idiot! And it's spy vs spy not eye spy!

Bob: Oh... Sorry.

Fred: I really hope this gets made into a full game as the potential for multiplayer fun is near limitless.

Bob: Are you ready...

Fred: You'll never get me Bob

Bob: Are you steady...

Fred: Do your best.

Bob: Say goodbye mr Bond

Sound of gunshot

Fred: Noooo... How is this possible. I gave nothing away

Bob: Actually you gave everything away. You see:

Fred: That's... that's very clever Bob I admit I'm impressed.

Bob: That and I can see your screen in that window reflection.

Fred: Why you lying little.

Bob: We've been the scripted gamers goodnight GameCity.

Written by Adam Moran

You can support Adam by buying Spy Party

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