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Game People reviews, guides and editorials present our writers' individual experience with a particular video game. We let other sites focus on graphics, sound and what happens in the game. Instead, we tell stories about what happened for us when we sat down to play them in our particular context, be that on our own, in a group of friends or with our wider family.

Our various niche videogame writers bring their opinions to bear on the games they play. Although we sometimes echo the PEGI/ELSPA game warnings, we are more concerned with connecting people with games they will like rather than keeping them away from those that are inappropriate.

Reviews: The first paragraph is always a concise and full account of what is to come, if you are short of time you can just read this although we expect this will entice you to read the whole thing.

From there we aim to be anecdotal, context driven and result from one individuals appraisal of a play experience. We are happy for them to be biased accounts, as is any such writing. We keep our writing concise and avoiding jargon and acronyms to save your time and effort when reading. Although length isn't our main concern we for reviews to be around 800 words.

We avoid talking about what happens in the game for more than a couple of paragraphs, prefering instead to focus on stories about what happened to the writer themselves when they played the game. If nothing else our reviews should be narrated opinions from each author's particular niche of expertease.

Rough Guides: Our guides answer the basic what, how, why, when, where and who questions about each game. What is the background to the game, of what genre is it part, how is it unique in this genre, why do people play it, when and where can it be played and how long is needed and finally who is ideally suited to enjoy the experience.

Buying Guides: Our buying guides tell you just what you need to make a purchasing decision. The panel on the right provides title, platform, genre and release date as well as recomending two similar, two easier and two harder games of the same ilk. The guide itself first provides a paragraph of product informtion, followed by three or four about the experience. We then round things off with a story about our time with the game before finishing with our conclusion.

Editorials: Our editorials are the inside track on the community. Here, we can go to town on a particular subject, where there isn't space in a review or guide.


We encourage our authors to write about their own personal opinions rather than tow the corporate line. Becuase of this the content on Game People does not represent our views of either gaming or other topics.

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With so many different perspectives it can be hard to know where to start - a little like walking into a crowded pub. Sorry about that.

But so far we've not found a way to streamline our review output - there's basically too much of it. So, rather than dilute things for newcomers we have decided to live with the hubbub while helping new readers find the columnists they will enjoy.

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