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I had a moment of inspiration the other night that combined all my favourite things: gaming, haikus and papercraft. A new way to describe games that treats them more like creative experiences and less like pieces of software.

Here is what I dreamt: a haiku poem as a five second game review. Their brevity and ability to capture experience seems such a good fit for a review. And in my dream I saw them appearing on a thousand different paper folded origami shapes raining down onto me while I slept.

What's a Haiku? Simply put, it's a type of Japanese poetry that is known for its high style and brevity. Their miniamal style has always appealed to my tidy mind. The poems are written in one column in Japanese and represent one line of text. This text falls into two segments over three lines; the phrase falls in the first five or seven syllables and is marked with a grammatical break before the fragment.

Just friends:
he watches my gauze dress
blowing on the line.
- Alexis Rotella

mourning dove
answers mourning dove--
coolness after the rain
- Wally Swist

Like the moon over
the day, my genius and brawn
are lost on these fools.
- Bowser in Super Mario RPG on SNES

Although often thought to follow this strict 5-7-5 syllable structure, haiku hinges more on brevity and lean use of words than any rigid form. I was telling my friend the next day who got really excited and said she had recently been reading about Yasuda's "haiku moment theory" - their ability to express and communicate personal experience. So it was decided and I started writing and folding what you now find here on Game People.

So when you only have five seconds to read a review you know where to come, to my little haikvus.

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