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Multiplayer modes are often the only parts of a game a play. Initially this was just because I was short on time, but more recently I've realised these are simply my favourite parts.

Long ago, in a land far away, I had oceans of spare time to play games. I had an extensive network of friends local to me and most nights we could be found round one house or another, slumped in front of the TV, battling it out over the latest must have video game.

Now, we've all moved away, got married, had kids and found responsible jobs that we have to get up early for in the morning. I miss those days. So much so that I'm constantly on the look out for games that can bring at least some of those good times back. And the only way to recapture those glorious, pixilated days is to go online and play against strangers in one of the myriad multiplayer games available. But without all that free time to master a game's solo content, I need a game that I can play online immediately without fear of humiliation.

Here, I aim to find the best multiplayer games out there that offer a time short gamer just the right amount of fun and challenge desired. I'll be wading through all manner of games and spilling the beans on the reality of online play - from the greats that need hours of practice to master, to the simple that need no practice at all to enjoy. I'll also be looking at the social aspects of games, be they the kind of games that bring out the worst in gamers and seem to encourage the throwing of insults willy-nilly or the kind of games that make you feel like you really are a member of a huge, global, online community.

The perfect game, in this sense, is a game you can play and enjoy some success at while at the same time make new online friends, and all in the space of a one hour session. There's only one rule, no solo play whatsoever - except to learn the controls.

Here are my game reviews.

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