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Videogame Customer Research

Complete online surveys about videogame related subjects to earn money in your spare time and influence the future of videogames.

Rough guide of questionnaire payments:

  • 5 Minute Survey £0.30
  • 10 Minute Survey £0.60
  • 20 Minute Survey £1.20
  • 30 Minute Survey £2.00

Find out more: Frequently Asked Questions.

Join the Game People customer research panel by completing this registration form to earn money and shaping the future of gaming.

The Game People Customer Research panel rewards members for giving honest opinions about videogame related products and services. They do this by completing online market research surveys.

You choose when and where you complete the questionnaires and know up front how long each one takes and how much it pays. You can choose which surveys you wish to participate in.

Register for the Game People Customer Research panel

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