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Videogame Customer Research

Complete online surveys about videogames to earn money in your spare time and influence the future of videogames.

Rough guide of questionnaire payments:

  • Incomplete £0.08
  • 5 Minute Survey £0.50
  • 10 Minute Survey £1.00
  • 20 Minute Survey £2.00
  • 30 Minute Survey £3.00
  • 60 Minute Survey £6.00

Join here: Panel Registration.

Join our research group and earn rewards.

How Do I Become A Member:

To become a member of Game People Customer Research, simply complete the registration form. You will be asked to provide some basic information during your account creation in order to participate in highly paid surveys, focus groups and product tests.

After you sign-up, you will be sent a verification email in order to finalize your registration and completing the more detailed profile will ensure you maximize your earning opportunities.

Is Registration Free?

Registration for Game People Customer Research is entirely free -- you will not be asked for any payment at any time. On the contrary, it is you who will earn cash rewards by taking part in surveys, focus groups and product tests through us.

Why Should I Become A Member Of Game People Customer Research?

Only by registering and becoming a member will you be able to take part and earn from highly paid surveys, focus groups and product tests.

What Is Done With The Information I Submit To Game People Customer Research?

Game People Customer Research will never distribute any of your personal information to any third parties and responses will never refer to your name or personal data. The data results will only consist of overall results based on compiling the questionnaires returned by you.

Member status-my account and profile settings

How Do I Change My Password?

Login, then from the main menu select, "My Personal Information" then change your password in the associated boxes.

Can I Change My Username And Email Address?

Once a username has been chosen, you can not change this. You can however change your email address if you need to - please email us with both your current and new email address to do so.

How Can I Terminate My Account?

Login, then from the main menu select, "Un-register" then confirm by clicking "Un-register" again.

Does Money Earnt Have To Be Used Within A Certain Time?

No, providing you remain active on the panel, cash earnt will remain on the account until it is redeemed.

Game People Customer Research Points

How Can I Check My Balance?

Login, then from the main menu select, "My earned points". This page allows you to view the actions you have earned from, your current balance and how you have redeemed your cash so far.

Who Is Eligible For Rewards?

Game People Customer Research members must be residents of the UK in order to be eligible for rewards.

How Can I Reclaim My Earnt Money?

Login, then from the main menu select, "My earned points".

Participating in surveys

How Can I Participate In Surveys?

Simply sign-up for Game People Customer Research and you will be mailed surveys as they become live. Simply click on the link and it will send you directly to the survey. The more complete your profile is, the greater your chance of qualifying and being invited to take part in surveys.

How Much Will I Earn From My Participation?

For each survey, you will earn (depending on the length) between £0.08 and £6.00.

On Average, How Long Does An Online Survey Take?

The average survey lasts between 12 - 15 minutes

Will Game People Customer Research Try To Sell Me Anything?

No, under no circumstances will surveys be used to sell or promote a project. You may however be invited to join other panels or community projects.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Survey?

Surveys will remain live until they have been completed, this could be either hours, days or weeks.

I've Forgotten My Password, What Can I Do?

Click Log-in from the homepage, then click, "Forgot your log in details (Username, Password)?"

How Can I Contact Game People Customer Research?

Email editor@gamepeople.co.uk.

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