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The Family Gamer TV Awards FGA suggests ideal games for different family age-groups: Infants, Juniors, Students, Workers, Parents and Seniors.

You can now vote for your Family Game of the Year 2012 and have a chance of winning a 200 bundle of PS3 family games.

Vote for Family Game of the Year 2012

Vote for the Family Game of the Year 2012 and get a chance to win a 1000 bundle of PS3, Xbox and Wii consoles and games.

5 Ways to Vote and Win: Each of the following counts as one entry, the more you do the more chance you have:

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Start: 12th December 2012
Finish: 12pm 31st January 2013.
Winner: The game with the most comments wins.
Prize: Random voters will be chosen to win the above 1000 360/PS3/Wii bundles.

Vote for Infant Game of the Year (3 to 6 yrs)
The best games for toddlers, very-young children and pre-school kids from 3 to 6 years old. These games work with the basics of play and should easily engage the super young players in our families. Simple and easy controls and bright colours engage young players in some educational and informative games.

Kinect Sesame Street TV: Not to be confused with the Kinect Sesame Street game, this interactive TV show offers very young players a way to interact and engage with what they are watching in a totally new way.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Kinect Sesame Street TV (Results)

AppMates Cars 2: Cars 2 on iPad comes with its own controller, a toy car. There is much more to this Car controlled app than meets the eye, and it's all tailored for younger players.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
AppMates Cars 2 (Results)

Go Vacation: Go Vacation combines four player simultaneous open world exploration with some of the best mini-games on the Wii. Massively engrossing, and with something to appeal to everyone. For very young players the simple controls, worlds to explore, train and horse rides make this simply outstanding.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Go Vacation (Results)

New Super Mario Bros U: It may look like the Wii game but the new controls and a return to classic Mario design make this a much more fully populated Mario experience. Surprises and secrets abound in this multiplayer platformer perfect for student players to crowd around.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
New Super Mario Bros U (Results)

Just Dance 4: Just Dance 4 not only adds new dances and choreography but also brings that in four player style to the PS3 and 360. Add to this the Wii U version that enables a fifth player to take charge of the choreography with the puppet master mode and you have the most all-age-friendly of family games.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Just Dance 4 (Results)

Just Dance Juniors: Just Dance Juniors takes all the best features from the older Just Dance games and wraps them up in both Nursery Rhytm and Classic Children's Pop. You have the option to see how age appropriate each song is and the dancers are all of the younger variety.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Just Dance Juniors (Results)

Just Dance Kids: Just Dance Kids takes all the best features from the older Just Dance games and wraps them up a younger demographic. Keeping the classic Just Dance play style by choosing songs that suit the younger player make this ideal for young families.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Just Dance Kids (Results)

Vote for Juniors Game of the Year (7 to 11 yrs)
The best games for primary school, junior and young children aged from 7 to 11 years old. These games provide experiences that connect with a basic joy of discovery and play. Although still simplistic they engage with a wide range of basic principles.

New Style Boutique: New Style Boutique follows up on the first game with better visuals and more nuanced interactions with the customers. The depth is considerable as players have to judge personality of each shopper and stock their shop with the right clothes. Ideal for junior gamers, girls or boys.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
New Style Boutique (Results)

Sifteo Game Cubes: The Sifteo Gaming Cubes are a new approach to portable gaming, with a series of wireless touch-screen blocks which join together to modify the gaming experience. The series two cubes offer replaceable batteries and a new base station to play on the go, ideal for Junior gamers.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Sifteo Game Cubes (Results)

Skylanders Giants: Skylanders Giants extends the first game's appeal by offering new Giant, Lightcore and Series 2 figures in a new adventure. Provided families realise they don't need to buy all the figures this is a great family game for younger players.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Skylanders Giants (Results)

LittleBigPlanet Karting: This builds on ModNation Racers by injecting not only LittleBigPlanet's style and swagger but also its more open world of course creation and sharing. Although not quite as tight as MarioKart it will appeal to both junior and teen kart fans.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
LittleBigPlanet Karting (Results)

Epic Mickey 2: Although a PEGI 3 the layered story and platforming difficulty fits this better to a 7+ Junior and Teen audience. Similar to the Lego games and adding in co-operative play to the original, it's interesting that this works as well on PS3 Move, Wii, 360 or WiiU. More than novel controls, or beautifully drawn story scenes, it's the ability to choose to befriend or fight enemies that makes this particularly interesting for families to play.
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Epic Mickey 2 (Results)

Nintendo Land: Nintendo Land is the Wii U's Wii-Sports and offers a varied range of games that not only show off the Wii U console's new controls but are also a great match for younger family gamers.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Nintendo Land (Results)

Wonderbook: A totally new way to read Harry Potter and to play PS3 games. The big book peripheral works incredibly well and offers families an unusual way to interact with and enjoy a pop-up story.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Wonderbook (Results)

Vote for Teen Game of the Year (12 to 15 yrs)
The best games for secondary, high-school, teenagers, adolescent kids and young-adults aged from 12 to 15 years old. These games provide thrilling experiences that major on brash, loud (sometimes busty) protagonists and aim to connect with the students in our families.

Rocksmith: Takes the guitar based gaming to a new level. You use a real guitar to play the game and learn real chords and notes as you go. The perfect balance of play and creativity.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Rocksmith (Results)

Gravity Rush: An innovative platform game for PS Vita where you get around by changing the in-game world's gravity. With a console game feel and excellent use of the PS Vita's dual stick controls this feels like a real step up for portable gaming.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Gravity Rush (Results)

Lego Lord of the Rings: Lego Lord of the Rings offers a massive exploreable middle earth alongside the usual linear levels. A step towards the upcoming GTA style Lego City Undercover that ticks all the role play boxes of the books and films. Perfect for Teen Tolkien (or Lego) fans.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Lego Lord of the Rings (Results)

F1 Race Stars: A cross between real F1 and kart racing not a million miles away from Blur. Fully licensed racers in caricature form keep the focus on cornering and braking rather than power-ups and battling. Although it is PEGI 3+ it is really one for the slightly older and more competitive racer.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
F1 Race Stars (Results)

Paper Mario Sticker Star: Although it may seem like just another Mario game on the 3DS, this role-play meets platforming Mario is the perfect mix of storytelling and action. Players work through a paper craft world collecting stickers and attacking enemies. Perfect for family gamers young and old, ideal for teens.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Paper Mario Sticker Star (Results)

Vote for Student Game of the Year (16 to 17 yrs)
The best games for secondary, high-school, teenagers, adolescent kids and young-adults aged from 16 to 17 years old. These games provide thrilling experiences that major on brash, loud (sometimes busty) protagonists and aim to connect with the students in our families.

Trials Evolution: A motorbike racing game with a difference. Trials combines the head scratching of puzzles with real world physics to make a hugely addictive motor sport game that is ideal for Students to while away the long nights.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Trials Evolution (Results)

Deadlight: A reimagining of both the classic Prince of Persia platforming and the zombie genre. Players explore a stylised world and must take care not to charge in all guns blazing for fear of awakening other enemies. A thinking student's Resident Evil.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Deadlight (Results)

Little Big Planet Vita: LittleBigPlanet's creative homemade world travels with you in your pocket. Not only is the touch screen a better interface for designing but together with the tilt and rear-touch features platforming is more tactile than ever!
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Little Big Planet Vita (Results)

Xenoblade Chronicles: A surprising and engaging adventure on the Wii. This rare core-centric game is ideal for older players looking for some role play action. Championing the content of graphics rubric of Nintendo, Xenoblade proves that there is more to the Twighlight of the Wii than Mario games. Perfect Student fodder.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Xenoblade Chronicles (Results)

Vote for Worker Game of the Year (18 and over)
The best games for those with full time jobs, workers, 9-to-5-ers, employed hard-core gamers 18 years and over. These games provide more of a challenge in both dexterity and problem solving. They are often more about strong single player experiences that hard working hard core gamers. Although these are often longer experiences that are also ideal to switch off and chill out after a long day at the office.

Uncharted Golden Abyss: Although not as polished as the PS3 games, this portable version of Uncharted it hugely enjoyable and impressive. Played on the commute or on breaks at work it offers a deep story and motion controlled shooting mechanics that are better than the PS3 controls -- although you might look a little odd waving the PS Vita around in public.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Uncharted Golden Abyss (Results)

Alan Wake American Nightmare: Alan Wake's American Nightmare takes the self-absorbed author out of the woods and into the desert in an action-oriented mini-sequel. In a similar vein the original this not only delivers spine tingling horror, but also a narrative to engage the intellect as well. Ideal for unwinding after a stressful day at work.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Alan Wake American Nightmare (Results)

Fez: Fez uses dimensions to stretch the player's platforming ability. But it is the slow unfolding story the game tells that is most unexpected here. One for workers to ponder on the morning commute.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Fez (Results)

Need for Speed Most Wanted: Criterion, of Burnout fame, return with their second Need for Speed game and continue the high octane spills and thrills that make this racer ideal for the working gamer.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Need for Speed Most Wanted (Results)

Halo 4: Halo is back and in fine shape. A combination of a great new trilogy story line and the multiplayer make this ideal fun after a day at the office.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Halo 4 (Results)

Vote for Parent Game of the Year
The best games for parents, mums, dads, carers, aunties and uncles. These games connect with the gamer on a more mature level. Story driven and often open ended, the experiences here provide space to play with complex issues and engage in moral dilemmas. Either that or to escape the grind of the work/home balance.

Journey: Journey offers a most unusual experience where players interact with each other by movement alone and traverse a bleak desert landscape. This almost spiritual game is ideal for thoughtful parents.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Journey (Results)

New Little Kings Story: A action role play game without the usual Japanese style or character back slapping. While the visuals are cartoony the gameplay and real time strategy premise are anything but childish. In a similar vein to Pikmin, New Little Kings Story brings the excellent Wii game to Sony's handheld for some perfect parent playground gameplay.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
New Little Kings Story (Results)

Mutant Mudds: Mutant Mudds is a platform game that uses the 3DS depth to full extent. Worlds are constructed of multiple layers that you jump between to progress. More than this novelty it is the 8-bit graphics and sound that will delight parent gamers who remember these styles of games the first time round.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Mutant Mudds (Results)

Papo and Yo: A platform game not unlike Ico but with a more biographical slant. Through the medium of play we learn of the developers struggles growing up with an alcoholic parents. It's a mature subject well handled, and more than a little eye opening for parents.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Papo and Yo (Results)

The Walking Dead: While both comic and TV series skip over the beginning of the zombie outbreak, the game starts right at the beginning. It brings puzzling, action and developing character relationships together in a wonderful way, culminating in a frenetic sequence where Lee has to make a very big call very, very quickly. It's smart, exciting, and really pays off all the investment put into the characters earlier in the game.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
The Walking Dead (Results)

Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed: Essentially a Mario Kart style racing game with Sega star characters. Sonic beats Mario to the punch by including different vehicles in the console version and offering five person local multiplayer on the WiiU. The perfect game for parents to enjoy with their families -- even if they have more than the usual 2.3 children!
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (Results)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: A return to the classic turn-based randomly generated gameplay of classics like Laser Squad and XCOM. A slower more thoughtful pace combined with tactical elements make this ideal for parents.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Results)

Vote for Grandparent Game of the Year
The best games for grandparents, older, senior, grown-up, mature, retired and wiser people. These games provide a slightly slower, although no less challenging experience. Time and consideration are of the essence as our most senior gamers enjoy interacting with other players and perfecting their approach.

Pinball Arcade: The genius of Pinball Arcade is that it recreates classic arcade tables in digital form. On iPad, Vita, PS3 and 360 this offers not only a chance to revisit classic tables of your youth but to discover new tables for silver gamers to play.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Pinball Arcade (Results)

Unfinished Swan: This unusual first person puzzle adventure on the PS3, not only looks fascinating but has simple Move controls and a mature story to engage grandparent gamers looking for something to play on the PlayStation.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Unfinished Swan (Results)

Rhythm Thief: This simple rhythm game offers grandparents a little more to explore with a Professor Layton style story and musical challenges that relate well to the narrative.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Rhythm Thief (Results)

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask: Although some will complain that this could have been on the DS, its visual improvements and larger story arc actually make this a more engaging game for grandparent players.
Comment/Tweet to Vote:
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Results)

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